Union: Shutdown Puts US Aviation System at Risk

The Professional Aviation Safety Specialists union has asked Congress to set aside partisanship and end the deadlock on the federal budget, warning that the country’s aviation system is at risk the longer the resulting work stoppage continues.

The shutdown Tuesday has seen 15,000 sidelined employees from the Federal Aviation Administration, more than 4,000 of which are PASS members, the union said Wednesday.

Workers affected by the legal furloughs include aviation safety inspectors, manufacturing inspectors, computer specialists, most engineering technicians, legal instrument examiners, program analysts and compliance specialists, administrative employees and support staff.

“Every day that Congress allows this shutdown to remain in place is putting the safety and efficiency of the aviation system at risk,” said Mike Perrone, PASS national president.

“These unnecessary FAA furloughs are decreasing the safety margin and cannot be allowed to continue,” he added.

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