e-Construction: Electronic Project Document Management Systems (Bios)

Bryan Cawley, Headquarters ([email protected])

Jason Clark, Michigan Department of Transportation ([email protected])

Rafiq Darji, Florida Division ([email protected])

Richard Duval, TFHRC ([email protected])

Clifford Farr, Michigan Department of Transportation ([email protected])

Robert Fijol, Michigan Division ([email protected])

Tony Nievies, Headquarters ([email protected])
Hello everyone my name is Antonio Nieves I work in the Office of Infrastructure FHWA HQ, Construction Management Team.  I am currently the national team lead for the implementation of Intelligent Compaction under EDC-2.  I will also serve as national team lead for the implementation of e-contruction under EDC-3. I look forward to a healthy exchange of ideas during this LNC session.

Amy Tootle, Florida DOT ([email protected])
My name is Amy Tootle and I am the State Construction Final Estimates Engineer with the Florida Department of Transportation. I have been working in various aspects of transportation engineering for 15 years. I am here to learn how I can help with the deployment of eConstruction for EDC-3.