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About The GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning

At GovLoop, our mission is simple, it’s connecting government employees to help you do your job better. GovLoop is all about sharing knowledge, sharing information, and helping our community grow as professionals. We are proud to present one of our newest guides, the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning.


We all know that the public sector workforce is changing. Although the government workforce is extremely complex, the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning set out to find some best practices, tips and tricks and provide you with a starting point to improve your workforce development strategy. The guide you will find on this page is by no means a complete representation of all aspects of HR and workforce planning. It is our hope that with this guide, you are inspired to contribute to the conversation, share your lessons learned and take a moment to reflect on how you can improve HR in your agency.


The guide has five core sections, each one identifying one aspect of HR. These sections are Be Strategic, Be Prepared, Be Proactive, Be Committed, and finally, Be Reflective. Each section will be highlighted in a blog post with a corresponding podcast, and also, please take a moment to watch our video introduction to the report. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Pat Fiorenza, GovLoop Research Analyst, [email protected].


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