Resources for OPM Mentoring Hub

Looking for Mentoring Resources?  GovLoop can help!

  • GovLoop Mentors Program: Click here to apply for our government-wide program that gives your mentees access to mentors from dozens of agencies!  This program is competitive, receiving hundreds of applications for just 50-70 finalist slots. Ask us how you can reserve spots in our Mentors Program for your agency!  Email Julia Taylor at [email protected].
  • Custom Training Videos to Support Your Program: Get help in creating short, educational videos on mentoring and setting up mentoring programs from GovLoop Academy!  Email Andrew Krzmarzick at [email protected] for more information!
  • Mentoring Events: Get invited to our in-person and online Mentors Program events to network with people from across government to share mentoring best practices!  Email Julia Taylor at [email protected] to be added to our invite list!
  • Mentoring Program Administration: Don’t have the resources to run a program at your agency? In addition to having your personnel join the GovLoop Program, we could enter into an interagency agreement to set up, manage and evaluate a program at your agency.  Email Julia Taylor at  [email protected] for more information!
  • Speakers to Inspire and Inform Your Best Practices in Mentoring: GovLoop’s Mentors Program Coordinator, Andrew Krzmarzick, has spoken at dozens of events and agencies about the power of mentoring and would be delighted to speak with your group. We could also invite one of our mentoring program participants to share the impact of their experience and encourage participation in your agency program.  Email Andrew Krzmarzick at [email protected] for more information!
  • Join our “Discovering Mentorship” Group on GovLoopclick here!

You’re not alone, Mentor Coordinators! Find resources and colleagues to help you build and sustain a world-class mentoring program through GovLoop!  Any questions? Please email Andrew Krzmarzick at [email protected] for assistance!