Improving DOT and Railroad Coordination (SHRP2 R16) (Team Page)

Overview of Innovation

Each year, public transportation agencies construct hundreds of highway projects that cross over, under, or parallel to railroad rights-of-way, requiring extensive coordination between the organizations responsible for these structures. Although most projects go smoothly, delays in development and construction do occur. Railroads must carefully evaluate public transportation agency projects in terms of safety, engineering, and operational impacts both during construction and for decades afterward. For the public agencies, delays incurred while waiting for railroad reviews and agreements can increase project costs and extend renewal needs for users.

This initiative promotes the enhanced use of a virtual document library, a document builder, and online training made available through the SHRP2 R16 project to allow public agencies and railroads to identify and circumvent sources of conflict and develop mutual Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for project and program needs. The collection of model agreements, sample contracts, training materials, and standardized best practices will reflect both railroad and public agency perspectives, processes, budgets and funding, and acknowledged good practices.

Implementation Team

Implementation Plan: Working Draft

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