NextGen Speaker Gifts

Steve and I have been going back and forth on
what to give the speakers. Last year we gave them a goody bag with
a GovLoop shirt, $10 Starbucks card and GovLoop m&ms (sweet,
yummy and fun). This year, Steve is trying to convince me to
provide them with a kidrobot; but I think I’ll need a lot more convincing.
So far these are the only ones I’m only the tinciest bit inclined
to buy.




Mini Figures

Stache Labbit

Steve said he’d buy an assortment and put them
in bags at random. Feel free to search around the site and offer
any other suggestions you like. I’m leaning to the cupcakes only
because that’s kind of what DC is known for these days and its the
least offensive one; if I’m leaning toward these at all.


Thanks for your input and letting me test out
these new pages in groups!

UPDATE: What are your thoughts on a summer theme — considering
it is very hot and many people are craving cool water splash?


Beach Towel/Tote






Water Bottle