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The Presidential Management Fellows Program is a leadership program is for advanced degree candidates (aka Gov’t Rockstars) at the entry level. It is a two-year assignment in the Federal government that includes salary and benefits. After Fellows have qualified through a rigorous and competitive process (it’s kind of tough but worth it) they will have an opportunity to work at a Federal agency, or you may have the option to participate in a rotational opportunity at another agency. If you have a passion for public service, we hope you do, then this leadership development program is for you.





Why Be a PMF?

The PMF Program is a great opportunity to work for the federal government and get 160 hours of policy, management and leadership training over 2 years—Plus you get paid with benefits. There is also the possibility of student loan repayment for your education loans. The program also serves as a professional development experience– you will receive feedback on your work, 4-6 month development assignments, potential for promotion. And of  course with all of this comes the prestige of having completed the program. 


How to Become a PMF?

Step One: Take the Online Assessment
There are three parts to the PMF On-line Assessment: Each assessment is timed.

The following sample questions are from OPM’s Assessment Prep Guide.

A. Situational Judgment- 30 – 48 Questions – (30 – 40 minutes)
B. Life Experience- 125 Questions- (45 minutes)
C. Writing-   1 question- (10 minutes)

Part A. Situational Judgment Assessment
Sample Question 1. You are a member of a project team in your office. During a project meeting a colleague gives you a task that you do not feel qualified or trained to handle.  Which of the following actions are you most likely to take?

A) Complete the task as best you can.
B) Complain to your supervisor.
C) Ask someone in the office who knows how to do the task to help you.
D) Explain to the colleague that you do not feel qualified to work on the task and you would prefer that the task be given to someone else.

Part B. Life Experience Assessment
Sample Question 1.  In the past when I have given a speech or presentation, I was likely to have prepared ahead of time:

A) much less than others did
B) less than others did
C) about the same as others did
D) more than others did
E) much more than others did

Part C. Writing Sample 
Sample Question. The PMF Program provides many potential opportunities and challenges for individuals interested in working for the Federal Government.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a career in public service.


Step 2:  In-Person Assessment

After receiving a notice that you are a semi- finalist, you will have to travel to four assessment locations. This year it was in Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.
The assessment will take place during an 8-hour day in one of the specified locations.

The three sections of the in-person assessment:

  • Individual presentation
  • Group exercise
  • Writing exercise


Individual Presentation 

You will have 25 minutes to prepare for the individual presentation. The individual oral presentation will last a total of 5 minutes. The trained PMF Evaluators, who are Federal agency representatives, are charged with evaluating:

  • Oral Communication
  • Problem Solving


Group Exercise/Discussion 

Your group exercise will last 30 minutes. Evaluators are charged with evaluating:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Oral Communication
  • Problem Solving


Writing Exercise 

You will be given 45 minutes for the writing exercise.

Your essay will be evaluated for:

  • Written Communication
  • Service Motivation


So You’re a Finalist! Now What?

You have to get hired into a PMF position, pass a background investigation, and go through your agency’s on-boarding process.

Attend the Job Fair
The PMF Program hosts an annual Job Fair for all current class finalists.
The Job Fair is usually held in the Washington, DC, metro area in April. This event is by invitation only for recently selected finalists and participating agency representatives. Many agencies will be there and participants are encouraged to attend.

Good Luck Gov’t Rockstars!

We Know You Can Do It!



How can GovLoop Help You?


Join the PMF Group

GovLoop has a group of PMF’s and Alums. In this group PMF candidates, alum and current PMF’s share advice on the assessment process and hiring procedures to hopefully give you the edge for next years application process. 


Read PMF Blogs

Blogs include information on the personal experiences of PMF candidates as they go through the assessment process, current Presidential Management Fellows, public service career experts, and discussions on the process from start to finish.
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Once you have received your finalist notice you will be invited to the PMF 2011 Job Fair. Finalists have one year to obtain an appointment as a PMF. The Job Fair is usually held in the Washington, DC, metro area in April. This event is by invitation only for recently selected finalists and participating agency representatives. Many agencies will be there and participants are encouraged to attend.Check out the PMF Survival Guide to the career fair.

Advice from Past PMFs
The best advice comes from people that have been through the process, the Presidential Management Alumni Group offers great advice to applicants. The process includes the hiring of PMF’s, so stay tuned to GovLoop for new information on job openings and tips on becoming a better leader and manager. Check out GovLeaders and Young Government Leaders for some helpful advice. Also, check out the USAJobs Blog.

Meet Past and Present PMF’s
Here on GovLoop we have awesome members that are currently PMF’s or have been one. Make connections with them and ask them about their personal experiences. GovLoop offers a great opportunity to network with people that work in government and have great insight in to the agency or organization you might want to work for.