Regional Models of Cooperation (Bios)

Kevin Adderly, FHWA Office of Human Environment ([email protected])
My name is Kevin Adderly and I am Transportation Specialist in the Office of Human Environment on the National Systems and Economic Development Team at FHWA.  My primary responsibilities are coordinating the Interstate designation requests across the continental United States and supporting research on highways impacts on economic development.  I will be assisting the Regional Models of Cooperation EDC3 Initiative and hope to gain insights on how to best help the team.

Yvonne Arens, Florida DOT ([email protected])
I am Yvonne Arens, Public Transportation Manager for the Florida Department of Transportation. I have been in a few roles in the FDOT over the past 15 years.  As a newcomer to this initiative I desire to learn everything I can from this program.  We are always looking for innovative ways to do business here in Florida. 

Elisa Arias, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) ([email protected])
Hello – My name is Elisa Arias and I am a Principal Regional Planner at SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments), the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the San Diego region.

Avital Barnea, FTA Office of Planning and Environment ([email protected])

Brian Betlyon, FHWA Resource Center ([email protected])

Wesley  Blount, FHWA Office of Human Environment ([email protected])

Fred Bowers, FHWA Office of Planning ([email protected])

Ken Cervenka, FTA Office of Planning and Environment ([email protected])

Sharon Chan Edmiston, Volpe Center ([email protected])

Dave Harris, FHWA Office of Planning ([email protected])

Jocelyn Jones, FHWA Resource Center ([email protected])
I”m Jocelyn Jones with the FHWA Resource Center’s Planning Team. I have 20 years of transportation planning experience, including working at the Baltimore MPO and a small transit agency.  My current focus areas are freight movement, public involvement and environmental justice.  I’m also on the EDC3 team for Regional Models of Cooperation.  I hope to learn tools to support the EDC3 effort.

Jody McCullough, FHWA Office of Planning ([email protected])

Lisa Randall, FHWA Resource Center ([email protected])

Gina Solman, Volpe Center ([email protected])

Spencer Stevens, Headquarters ([email protected])
I’m Spencer Stevens – Transportation Planner in FHWA’s Office of Planning Oversight and Stewardship Team.  I coordinated FHWA’s EDC1 Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) efforts and am involved in our EDC3 Multi-jurisdictional Coordination/Models of Regional Cooperation Planning efforts.

Monica Worth, LEIDOS ([email protected])

Tigist Zegeye, Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) ([email protected])