Changing the Conversation: The Case for “As-A-Service”

The expanding roles of “as-a-service” (aaS) and cloud computing in government agencies involve more than just the agency’s information technology department. Since it is a business strategy, more people realize that employing a cloud or services in a cloud can increase efficiency and collaboration, leading to improved performance and service delivery and reduced cost. The decision to shift to an aaS model (to include cloud) necessarily involves the business core of the agency.

However, conversations about aaS and cloud tend to revolve around what cannot be done instead of what can. Procurement, budgeting and cultural barriers frequently prevent proper adoption and procurement of cloud technologies. Complex organizational obstacles often stand in the way, but the conversation needs to focus on how the agency will benefit from aaS and cloud and adapting the culture and business to aaS, and away from what cannot be done.

GovLoop’s latest industry perspective, created in partnership with ViON and Hitachi Data Systems Federal, will explore:

  • The current state of aaS and cloud computing;
  • The challenges of adopting these strategies;
  • How government can overcome these challenges; and
  • How agile cloud platforms meet users’ diverse and fluctuating needs.

Ultimately, our objective is to demonstrate that with the right steps up front, aaS and cloud combine to afford agencies a sound business strategy and a force multiplier for business and operational benefit.

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