Enterprise Risk Management in Today’s Digital World

Download the new e-book to explore:

  • The need for and steps toward enterprise risk management (ERM) in government.
  • How Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) created Risk Management Scorecards to provide ongoing metrics to understand and manage risk posture.
  • A Q&A with a computer scientist and NIST Fellow about risks in the digital age.

As the government’s reliance on digital technologies expands, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to secure the growing network of devices, IT systems and cloud solutions.

Governments must assess what they own and manage, how critical those assets are to operations, how best to secure them and what levels of risk are acceptable versus what needs mitigation.

Check out the new e-book, Enterprise Risk Management in Today’s Digital World, to learn what an enterprise approach to risk management looks like today and why it’s necessary to support government’s digital future.


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