GeoPlatform.gov: Their Story

Recently, GovLoop interviewed Jerry Johnston, Geographic Information Officer, CIO’s Office, Department of Interior about the GeoPlatform.gov story and the value of sharing geospatial information with a larger audience. Geoplatform.gov is a “one-stop shop” for integrated, federal data via maps. The platform combines map-based data and tools with the new technologies to deliver geospatial information in a simple, user-friendly way. Maps, and other visuals, are often the best way to share complex data with a broader audience. And the goal of GeoPlatform.gov is to bring all of these data maps together for people to use.

In the above video, Johnston discusses why geospatial maps are so compelling and why/how they decided to create GeoPlatform.gov. Johnston credits the Federal Geographic Data Committee, a 30 year organization, with the development of the Platform. Through FGDC, they discovered there was no shared technology enterprise and geospatial information was not been very accessible to the average government employee or policy makers. GeoPlatform.gov was created to make more efficient use of geospatial data across the federal government so important data would be used by more people. As Johnston notes, it was also created to be shared. Johnston hopes developers and other folks use the data, tools and source code from GeoPlatform.gov and embed it on their own site for wider use.

I encourage you to check out the video about and for more information on GIS, visit our GIS Resources Hub.



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