Open Season in Federal Government: Picking Your Perfect Plan

If you receive health benefits as an employee of the federal government, you are one of the most fortunate people in the United States. Federal employee health benefits are among the best in any sector, and you want to be sure to take full advantage of them based on your priorities, preferences, and particular state of life. That’s why we created this “Guide to Open Season in Federal Government: A Step-By-Step Approach to Selecting Your Perfect Plan.”

Specifically, this guide includes:

  • Insights based on a survey of more than 250 federal employees
  • Interviews with Open Season subject matter experts, authors and human resource professionals
  • Recommendations based on your unique state of life
  • Resources and tools to assist your decision-making
  • Definitions of common acronyms and terms used during Open Season

We understand that federal Open Season can be overwhelming due to the amount and complexity of information available to you, and we hope this guide assists in demystifying the process, pinpointing the best resources and helping you to narrow your options.

What are your biggest questions when it comes to Open Season and how can we help?

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