How to Become Cyber Resilient

Agencies need true cyber resilience: the ability to bounce back from any type of cyber event — from malicious attacks to network outages — without missing a beat. Learn how a modernized backup and recovery approach enables agencies to be resilient by empowering them to not just keep their systems running, but to effectively supportRead… Read more »

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See: Why Data Visibility Matters

Federal agencies are struggling to manage and secure vast troves of data. With disaggregated systems, leaders may not know where the important data resides, or understand where and how it’s being used. In this topic snapshot resource, you’ll learn how a data observability pipeline helps protect an organization from cyber threats while enabling collaboration andRead… Read more »

How State and Local Agencies Can Ramp Up Ransomware Defenses

Ransomware is ever evolving, as malicious actors regularly devise new and stealthier ways to steal information from state, local, tribal and territorial government agencies. Unfortunately, these organizations are often seen as ripe targets, both because many lack the resources to protect themselves and because the threat of disrupting services such as transportation, water or sewageRead… Read more »