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Study: LinkedIn and GovLoop Powering Government Productivity

Last year, Market Connections shared the results of a Federal survey in which government use of both LinkedIn and GovLoop were on the rise. The results intrigued us and we wanted to learn more about how government employees were leveraging online networks to improve their performance and achieve professional advancement.
In July and August, we conducted two separate surveys – one with GovLoop members that received 529 responses and the other with 242 government professionals who had a profile on LinkedIn. The slide deck below reveals our findings. Some of the noteworthy discoveries include:
  • LinkedIn respondents are primarily using that platform to connect with known colleagues (74%) or forge new professional connections (62%).
  • GovLoop respondents are seeking to read, post or comment on blogs (55%) and learn how-to advice (48%)
  • 80% of respondents indicated that they visit GovLoop or LinkedIn at least weekly with 1 out of 3 visiting daily.
Moreover, the survey results demonstrate that public sector professionals are increasingly leveraging these networks to advance their careers and enhance their on-the-job performance.
I’d encourage you to review the deck for yourself and sound off below:

What stands out to you?
How are you leveraging social networks like GovLoop and LinkedIn to do your job more effectively?
*** Special thanks to GovLoop Graduate Fellows Allison Primack, Hannah Ornell and Cat Robinson for their leadership in collecting and analyzing the data, and producing the slide deck above. ****

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

I see the potential for using GovLoop or LinkedIn for collaboration. However, unless we can convince our leadership to be active members, these networks wil never realize their potential. Leadership in many agencies is not only not using social networks, they are opposed to employees’ using social networks. GovLoop is still blocked by my agency’s leadership.