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Empowering The Data You Already Have

  State and local governments are obligated to protect the vast amounts of data coming in from a variety of digital sources. As the nation’s record-keepers, these governments must decide how to combine, store, search, and analyze this data. That’s easier said than done. At GovLoop’s State and Local Tech Trends Virtual Training, we broughtRead… Read more »

A New Meaning to Innovative Thinking

A wise man, Pat McCrory, once said, “interacting with government should be as easy as checking the latest scores on the internet or even shopping online.” McCrory, governor of North Carolina (which happens to be the fourth fastest growing tech state in the country) is making his vision come true. In GovLoop’s recent State andRead… Read more »

Challenges At All Levels

Shrinking budgets, and aging workforces, and cyber threats, oh my! State and local governments face these obstacles and more while trying serve the community. In the effort to better tool government to face these challenges, GovLoop brought together a virtual training of experts to show how advanced technology and innovative practices can help public servantsRead… Read more »

So Much Data, So Little Space

We have a lot of stuff and not a lot of room. We have had to maintain important documents, whether it be for tax purposes, health, or other reasons. At one point or another, you run out of folders to hold these documents and places to put all of the folders. Recently, however, we haveRead… Read more »

Join the State and Local Tech Trends Virtual Training

State and local governments face a lot of challenges: shrinking budgets, federal mandates, resource constraints, an aging workforce, and the constant threat of a cyberattack. Just to name a few. In our 2nd Annual State and Local Innovators Virtual Summit we surveyed attendees to learn about specific challenges facing public servants and their communities.Today, in our StateRead… Read more »