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3 Lessons Learned on Location Analytics and GIS

Location analytics is another way that GIS is transforming the public sector. This is due to advancements in GIS technology, GIS can be leveraged enterprise wide and within applications that users are already comfortable with. For instance, with Esri software, users can create simple maps using excel plug-in. The same can be said for organizationsRead… Read more »

How GIS Can Help Child Placement for Foster Care

One of the sessions I attended at the Esri International User Conference was, Local Government: Well-Being. One of the speakers, Matthew Nalty, Kempe Center for the Treatment and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, explored a case study from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS). The study explored how far away childrenRead… Read more »

GIS in the Trenches – Local Government Case Studies

One of the sessions I attended at Esri’s User Conference was New Enterprise GIS: Lessons Learned from the Trenches. This session featured the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Dunwoody, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio, highlighting how they have implemented ArcGIS Server-based enterprise GIS. The three case studies were fascinating, as they consider the journey from aRead… Read more »

How GIS Can Be Used for Humanitarian Aid – Case Study from Direct Relief

This week at the Esri International User Conference, non-profit Direct Relief was awarded the President’s Award for outstanding applications of a geographic information system (GIS). Direct Relief is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides medical material assistance to those affected by natural disasters, civil unrest and poverty. I had the chance to speak with AndrewRead… Read more »

TED Founder Richard Saul Wurman’s Latest Project: The Urban Observatory

Data is transforming the way we live, socialize and work. We are increasingly moving towards the “internet of things,” in which all of the services and technology we rely on will be connected through apps, sensors and robotics. Countless times we have seen data revolutionize the way the public sector delivers services and improves decision-making.Read… Read more »

Esri Plenary In Review: 7 Emerging Themes for GIS Professionals

Today Esri’s User Conference kicked off in San Diego, California. Along with nearly 15,000 GIS professionals, I’ll be spending the week out in San Diego covering the event and learning the latest developments from Esri. The Plenary session this AM included: Esri president Jack Dangermond and Esri experts show how GIS is transforming our world.Read… Read more »

Jack Dangermond Opening Statements – GIS: Transforming Our World

Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, started off the 33rd Esri UC highlighting that the theme of the conference is “GIS: Transforming Our World.” Dangermond notes, “Our world is facing serious challenges, and it’s clear to me that we fundamentally and collectively need to create a better future.” GIS ability to visualize data, spot new patternsRead… Read more »

Esri UC – Plenary Session Agenda

This week I will be attending Esri’s User Conference in San Diego, California. The annual conference highlights the latest developments in GIS and future developments for Esri. The Plenary sessions are just about to get going and will include presentations from: Esri president Jack Dangermond and Esri experts show how GIS is transforming our world.Read… Read more »