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Is The ‘Survivor Benefit’ Best For You? By Todd Carmack Both CSRS and FERS have an option when they retire to choose a Survivor Benefit option which allows their spouse continued partial pension payments in the event of your death. For CSRS, the Survivor Benefit option would provide a 55% annuity payout. For FERS, the Survivor Benefit has two options: a 25% or 50%Read… Read more »

Social Security for FERS Employees, by Todd Carmack I am often asked by clients “When should I start taking my Social Security payments?”. There is no single right answer to that question because everyone designs their retirement differently. This added income can make a difference on when you decide to retire and how much of a benefit you are willing to accept.Read… Read more »

Understanding Your FEGLI Coverage, by Todd Carmack

Understanding Your FEGLI Coverage, by Todd Carmack As a benefit counselor and retirement income specialist, I have come to realize that a lot of employees do not remember what they signed up for or understand their federal employee group life insurance (FEGLI) coverage. An outline of FEGLI coverages available; Basic FEGLI Coverage – if elected,Read… Read more »