Thought Leader Forum

The Thought Leader Forum is made up of representatives of partner and member entities from both the public and private sectors. These innovation leaders and key virtual engagement proponents meet at quarterly round-table discussions in D.C., hosted by AGVE.

The AGVE Thought Leader Forum will coordinate and facilitate meetings and venues for knowledge transfer and collaboration among AGVE Board Directors, Executive Staff, Intergovernmental Representatives, and Industry Members. It will also coordinate and facilitate a speaker engagement network for AGVE’s subject-matter experts to enhance communications outreach.

Benefits of representation within the Thought Leader Forum:

  • Network with other industry and government leadership to share information and ideas around virtual engagement practices and strategies
  • Discuss trends in government technology implementation and use cases for innovative and proven solutions
  • Learn about guidelines and methods that align compatibility of applications with government needs
  • Share insights into virtual engagement technology capabilities, solutions and strategies that benefit the public
  • Participate in leading the development of best practices and guidelines around the implementation and use of virtual engagement technology