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12 Tips to Transform Your Virtual Training and Events

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Let’s face it: most webinars or e-learning courses are boring and ineffective. You sit at your desk and multi-task while someone drones on over a series of text-heavy slides. There’s got to be a better way! And there is. At GovLoop, we’ve delivered hundreds of webinars, social learning courses and on-demand video modules over the years and GovDelivery supports millions of government communications each year. In 2014 alone, over 30,000 attendees went to our training with feedback like “I can’t believe I just said ‘good’ and ‘webinar’ in the same sentence.”

In this on-demand training our experts, Andrew Krzmarzick of GovLoop and Jennifer Kaplan of GovDelivery share:

  • A more effective approach to online training in real-time.
  • Success stories from agencies that have transformed traditional webinars and events into highly engaging, social learning experiences.
  • Our proven approach at GovLoop to driving increased registrations, engagement and high show-up rates to virtual events and training based on GovLoop and GovDelivery’s combined experience in getting results for government.
  • 12+ tips to improve your virtual learning starting today.

If you’re currently responsible for hosting webinars or moving in-person events and training on the web, you won’t want to miss these 60 minutes where we demonstrate and reveal our secrets to success.

Want more information? Check out the event recap here and explore our top 5 resources from the training: