20 Tips to Be More Productive

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talks about the “10X engineer” — the member of his team who is ten times more productive than the average engineer.

So how can you be the “10X” government employee? How do you excel at your role, the role you aspire to have, and the other many hats you juggle? And how can you do it all without feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

We are here to tell you. View the on-demand training in which we share:

  • Time and energy management tips
  • Task and to-do list management
  • How to run great, short meetings and conference calls
  • Ways to manage your email so that it doesn’t consume your whole day
  • How to identify your most productive hours

In the end, it’s not about working more. It’s about working smarter. You’ll come away from our online training with several immediately applicable insights so that you can knock out your projects faster, reduce your stress and improve you work/life balance.

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