5 Tips to Creating an Awesome Individual Development Plan

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A new administration means a lot of changes are coming to the executive branch. Are you ready to move up in your career? Are you prepared to take advantage of new job openings or trainings?

Your Individual Development Plan (IDP) can help you develop skills, further your office’s mission, and achieve your career goals. Despite many agencies requiring them, IDPs are often done quickly and poorly without much thought or follow-through.

But they don’t have to be just another required document for HR! Join our free NextGen On-Demand to get tips and tricks to make your IDP shine!

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a powerful and purposeful IDP.
  • Where to find training opportunities to build your strengths and talents.
  • How to connect your growth opportunities to OPM executive core qualifications.
  • How to advance your career while supporting your agency’s mission need.