A Secure Cloud Starts with Zero Trust

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Securing data is tough these days. In this age of data proliferation, attacks are becoming more advanced and securing the network perimeter is more difficult than ever. As agencies adopt mobile and cloud technologies the network edge becomes harder to identify, and harder to protect. Agencies are left struggling with how to secure environments where classified data resides on multiple cloud instances, alongside non-classified data that is accessible by multiple tenants. Further this is fractured by still having mission critical data running in internal data centers. An enterprise approach to defending data from a true insider, or one posing as such, has become a daunting task.  This is all compounded by addressing the need to meet ‘FedRamp’ compliance mandates. Cloud providers say they are “FedRamp Ready’ but can you trust them? What does it mean? And, is it really enough?

In this online training, we will examine how agencies can secure the data rather than the perimeter alone. By starting with a zero trust approach to data access they can determine their own rules and protocols for access based on their unique criteria. By creating policies and leveraging innovative encryption and key management tactics, agencies can truly own the access of their data without adding complexity.

Frank Konieczny: CTO, Office of Information Dominance and CIO, Office of the Secretary, Air Force
Sol Cates: Chief Security Officer, Vormetric