Advancing Your Network to Keep up with New Technology Demands

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Cloud, mobile, big data. These are the top technologies that government agencies are implementing to improve internal efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the engagement between the public and government. But as government entities work to modernize IT, they need to look at their network and storage solutions. The combination of multitier storage, including primary and secondary storage devices, along with sophisticated data management capabilities and ubiquitous IP connectivity is enabling public sector organizations to integrate and manage IT data assets more easily and effectively. This means governments are able to meet data center demands to enable better use of emerging technologies.

But how are they doing this? What are the demands of a dynamic data center and what can you do to meet those demands? Join this on-demand training to learn from government and industry experts:

  • The importance of a data center storage infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and high-performing
  • Why government organizations need to focus on storage and networks advances to modernize their IT operations
  • How Flash memory solutions are being added to data centers to optimize new and existing applications
  • Why an physically separate IP storage network is more secure and predictable
  • Current challenges of network modernization and whats next for your data centers


  • Chad Gebhardt, ‎Technical Account Manager, Thundercat Technology