How Agencies Can Quickly Transform Service Delivery With the Cloud and Drupal

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At its most basic level, the mission of the government is to deliver services to citizens. In order to deliver those services most effectively, many agencies are heading to the cloud, a move that allows governments the ability to get web based services up and running quickly, off-load data storage and management while still maintaining high levels of security. The Department of the Interior (DOI) is one of the leading agencies in terms of cloud migration and they have learned a lot on their journey in implementing a cloud Platform as a Service.

Join GovLoop, IBM and the DOI’s Larry Gillick as we explore ways your government can improve services with the cloud.

In this on-demand training you will learn:

  • The value proposition for implementing cloud computing and Drupal, an open source platform, to improve your digital experience.
  • Considerations such as speed of standing up services on the web, managing content, security and more.
  • Challenges that may be encountered when moving to the cloud.
  • How DOI has transformed and modernized their web site quickly through the use of a cloud platform.


Larry Gillick
Deputy Director of Digital Strategy, Drupal PaaS Evangelist, U.S. Department of the Interior


Bryna Dash, Director, US Federal, IBM Cloud