April 15 – How to Increase Participation in Public Surveys

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When you consider your organization’s public surveys, please check all that apply:

They’re very effective and we see high completion rates.

We could work on engagement tactics for them.

They generally don’t get as many responses as we’d like.

Public surveys are a critical CX tool for gauging your services’ effectiveness and measuring constituent engagement. But if your surveys aren’t currently hitting the mark or providing the right insight, you’re missing out on important feedback from those you serve.

  • Which tools are available for building public surveys.
  • How to craft clear and concise questions.
  • How to distribute the surveys and encourage participation.

You’ll hear from:

  • Stephanie McGarrah, Executive Director, North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management
  • Kiel Kinkade, Program Analyst, North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management

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