April 21 – Proactive Strategies for Mobile Security – Don’t be a Statistic

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Now more than ever, government employees are not tied to their desks. Whether they are working remotely, in the field or even in a new conference room, government employees rely on mobile devices to get their work done. But all of these mobile devices on the network can cause massive security concerns. In a new threat report, government mobile users saw a 20% increase in app threats. And one in 15 government employees was exposed to a mobile phishing attempt.

To combat these threats, government organizations need to adopt anti-phishing protection and integrate strategies for endpoint threat detection and response.

Join us online to learn from government and industry experts how agencies can enable more secure mobile environments.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Remote work and mobile security best practices and lessons learned from government experts.
  • About the rise of today’s mobile threat landscape.
  • Strategies used by cyberattackers to find vulnerable entry points from mobile devices into government infrastructure.

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