April 7 – How to Quickly Digitize Government Services (Without the Hassle)

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Government agencies are on a mission to deliver services to residents as efficiently and expertly as possible. In order to do that, agencies increasingly need to rely on technology. Outdated, legacy systems can bog down processes, which makes implementing new solutions costly and time consuming at best, and impossible at worst. No-code software solutions offer another way forward.

Join us online for a 45-minute training to learn from government and industry experts how no-code software can help governments rapidly digitize a variety of core functions as well as stand up new services without starting from scratch.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How agencies can use their current workforce to implement a no-code solution.
  • The biggest benefits of utilizing a no-code approach.
  • Real-world examples of agencies that used no-code to transform their organizations.

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