Connecting Data Silos to Create an Actionable View of Your Data

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As organizations grow, IT processes and mission needs change. Critical information becomes scattered across silos which can create huge problems for data access within the organization. When data sits in silos, end-users pay the price in terms of the time it takes to find and analyze relevant information to support critical decision-making.

Fortunately, an Enterprise Data Layer (EDL) addresses this issue by ensuring that all data across an organization is securely discoverable and usable, while keeping IT costs down.

Join this on-demand training to learn more about how organization across the public and private sectors have successfully deployed an EDL to deliver a unified view of data across the silos.

You will learn how an EDL solution:

  • Supports secure information sharing, both within an organization and with external partners.
  • Improves the speed, accuracy, and completeness of information available for analysis and decision support.
  • Integrates heterogeneous data across organizational silos.


Nicholas Skytland, Data Evangelist within the Technology and Innovation Division of the Office of the Chief Information Officer at NASA

Kevin Morgan, Senior Technial Director, MarkLogic

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