How to Do Digital Services Right!

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Everything is digital these days. From reviewing restaurants to the way you buy your movie tickets, citizens want to do transactions online. And they expect the government to work the same way. They want to renew their driver’s license, apply for a permit, and pay parking tickets all with the click of a mouse. And citizen expectations aren’t the only thing driving the push for digital. The need to streamline, cut costs and in many cases the need to simultaneously meet policy and compliance at the state or federal level are also big factors.

Today, government agencies at all levels are exploring new strategies to make those citizen demands a reality.

Organizations that have embraced digital services have seen impressive results. Imagine serving citizens better with digital enrollment and reducing application processing time by 50%, boarding new hires faster, implementing digital signatures/electronic signature to speed up approval cycles, and more.

Yet moving to digital technologies can bring up a lot of questions around meeting compliance and legal concerns.

Check out this on-demand session to uncover how to deliver effective digital services in the era of complicated regulations.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Key trends on what is driving digital adoption.
  • How agencies can follow specific regulations like ESIGN.
  • Case study examples of how other agencies have successful implemented digital services.