DorobekINSIDER Live: Evaluating Government Customer Service

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Government has a pretty negative customer service reputation. When you think of great customer service you probably think of airlines like Southwest or coffee shops like Starbucks. The government rarely makes the list of most customer friendly organizations. Nevertheless, everyone in the country has to engage with a government entity in one way or another – whether to pay taxes, acquire licenses or simply follow law and order.

So how can agencies improve government services without spending too much money or costing taxpayers too much time? Join Christopher Dorobek and his panel of government experts for an on-demand discussion on the current state of customer service and plot its future.

They’ll discuss:

  • How federal, state and local agencies are addressing citizen demands for improved digital services.
  • The biggest challenges facing agencies looking to make a case for more digital services.
  • Examples of where good customer services has changed the way citizens view government work.