DorobekINSIDER LIVE: Understanding Gov IT Modernization

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Raise your hand if someone in your office is still using Internet Explorer version 7. Of the $82 billion in federal IT spending planned for 2017, approximately 78 percent ($63 billion) is dedicated to maintaining legacy IT investments. It’s no surprise that IT modernization in government is incredibly challenging.

However, as technology continues to innovative and evolve at record paces, the government is putting renewed focus on IT modernization efforts. Which is good, because frankly, IT modernization for government is a must. Due to poor management of technology investments, costly IT projects that often result in failure, and the delivery of technologies that are obsolete by the time they are completed, government is in critical need of true modernization.

So how do agencies make the change? Join Christopher Dorobek and his panel of experts for an on-demand discussion as they explore how modernization will play a role in the Trump administration and beyond.

Dorobek and his panel will also discuss:

  • How both IT professionals and non-IT professionals alike can get a better sense of where to start on modernization projects.
  • An overview of the role of the Information Technology Modernization Fund.
  • Challenges to implementing IT modernization efforts at your agency.