Gov Gets Personal

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The way government communicates with citizens has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days when visiting the actual government office was the only way citizens could interact with and access information about citizen services. Now a huge portion of those services are done online.

However, posting information online without a strategy is not useful. When a citizen visits a government website, they are usually looking for something very specific. This citizen expects the website to deliver information in a quick and easy way, similar to their private sector experiences.

That means government websites have to go beyond simply having a nicely designed, intuitive experience. Gov needs to understand the user’s exact desire and deliver on it. So how do you personalize that experience?

Join us for an on-demand training to learn about new digital tools like segmentation, personalized messaging and data science and they can transform the way government interacts with citizens.

Specifically, you will learn:

  1. How segmentation and personalized messages allows agencies to achieve a new level of connection with citizens.
  2. The biggest barriers agencies face when trying to implement personalized digital tools.
  3. How data science is changing the way government understands and builds websites.