Gov Security in a Digital World

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30 million – that’s the number of malicious cybersecurity intrusions the Department of Defense thwarted in 2015. That translates to 3 million attacks per month or 100,000 attacks per day. Part of the reason for all of these intrusions is that there are more than one billion connected devices on the Internet today. That means there are more entry points that can be hacked than ever before.

What’s more, according to DoD: “roughly 80 percent of incidents in the cyber domain could be traced to three factors: poor user practices, poor network and data management practices, and poor implementation of network architecture.”

In order to prevent these intrusions from fully breaking down the security of any government agency, security must be baked into the DNA of every technology, process and system. As government services continue to evolve in the digital world, security best practices and procedures need to as well.

Join GovLoop and Red Hat on Wednesday July 12th from 10am-4:30pm ET and hear from top government and industry experts about the cutting-edge solutions they’re using to tackle some of government’s biggest security challenges.

The way the government is thinking about security is changing – do you want to be apart of it? If so, join us and prepare to think differently!


ined 17 different IT offices into one consolidated approach and made security a top priority. Now, security is 5% of the annual spend of the state’s IT budget, compared to less than 1% just a decade ago.

During this keynote session, you’ll hear directly from Colorado’s Chief Information Security Officer, Deborah Blyth on how she was able to transform the state’s outlook on IT priorities security programs as well as what the future of gov security looks like for Colorado.


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