Governments Go Real-Time GIS For Faster, More Effective Operational Response

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In today’s fast-paced world, current is outdated almost as soon as it’s created. So how can decision-makers in state or local government departments make faster data-driven decisions the moment something occurs? The answer hinges on the ability to use real-time data.

That’s why Real-Time GIS is so critical for smart communities. Real-time data has a place, a geography it occupies, a time, frequency, and duration of activity. It is the key element for creating the interactive digital twin that represents your live operations. With the help of Real-Time GIS, you will respond more quickly and effectively to unfolding events, from natural disasters like fires and floods, to snarled traffic, to keeping your citizens and field staff safe.

Join us on Thursday, September 27 from 2-3PM ET/11-12PM PT as we explore the benefits of real-time government and share steps to become real-time smart.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What do we mean by Real-Time GIS?
  • How governments are improving operations with Real-Time GIS.
  • The value of using Real-Time GIS for decision-making.

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