How to Hire the Best During a Presidential Transition

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Every four years, the federal government undergoes a radical personnel transformation. Each new President brings into office new priorities, mandates, and most importantly staff. In the first 100 days in office, the President’s executive branch agencies will hire more than 4,000 new managers and directors – and that’s just at the C-Level. So how do human resources professionals and hiring managers alike hire the best and the brightest in such a rapid fashion? Moreover, at all levels of government how do organizations ensure they are staffed for the workforce of the future? And once these employees are hired, how does the government train and empower them to advance in the workforce?

The answer is unified human capital management. Join us on Thursday, February 9th at 2pm ET as we explore how this cloud-based technology can empower HR professionals to effectively manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle of government employees.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Solutions for recruiting and on-boarding the best and the brightest government employees.
  • How to demystify generational differences to uncover the best employees at any age.
  • Stats on the current state of government human capital management.
  • Tips for hiring and retaining staff during times of great change.