How Government Can Stay Safe and Innovative

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In 2015, nothing was talked about more than cybersecuity. And although government organizations are prioritizing security, cyber professionals still face a variety of challenges. Cyberthreats like malware and phishing are increasingly common. And unfortunately, security is often at odds with innovation.

So how do we protect our networks and citizen data while staying technologically progressive? As we go into 2016, what is the current landscape of cybersecurity?

Join this on-demand training to hear from government and industry cyber expects as they discuss how government can protect its data and provide innovative services to citizens. Specifically you will learn:

  • The current landscape of cyber in government.
  • Priorities for federal, state and local governments when it comes to protecting data.
  • How to build a security infrastructure around cyber data.
  • How to leverage Flash technology to reap benefits such as self provisioning, high availability, unlimited IOP’s, while protecting critical citizen data.


Elayne Starkey,  Chief Security Officer, State of Delaware, Dept. of Technology and Information

Vaughn Stewart, VP, Enterprise Architect, Pure Storage