How Government is Achieving Business Transformation

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Today, governments at all levels are challenged with developing innovative approaches in delivering technology that meets the complex needs of internal and external stakeholders while “doing more with less.”

With Dynamics CRM, government agencies can quickly address the application needs of an organization without the complexity of traditional development methods.

So how can your organization see results? Join this on-demand training as we share a real world case study of how Dynamics CRM can help government. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Drivers for technology change.
  • Benefits in using Dynamics CRM and how it can help overcome some of your biggest challenges.
  • Best practices and lessons learned for implementing new technologies within your organization.
  • How DSH’s Dynamics CRM strategy has evolved over time and what’s on the horizon.

Speakers include:

Chris Wilson, Public Sector Business Development Manager, Tribridge

John Araujo, Health Scientist and S3P Project Lead, Centers for Disease Control

Sam Thepvongs, Practice Manager for Public Sector and Parature, Webfortis

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