How Network Modernization Can Transform Your Agency

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The nuts and bolts of how your agency’s IT infrastructure operate are failing. Many federal IT networks are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing performance demands. Increased mobile use, expanded telework, video, cyber risks and bandwidth-hungry apps are straining even the most robust agency infrastructures.

IT leaders in many agencies are responding by shifting to a software-driven model of delivering advanced network functionality that is highly agile, operates seamlessly in virtualized environments, streamlines IT processes, accelerates the provisioning of network capability, and shrinks capital and operating expenses. Called Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), this modern approach virtualizes network functions that have been traditionally delivered by dedicated, proprietary hardware.

Join us for an on-demand training as we explore the many benefits that Network Functions Virtualization can deliver to federal agencies.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How moving to a software-driven network model reduces capital and operating costs, increases IT resource efficiencies, and speeds provisioning of network capability when and where needed for improved IT performance.
  • Best practices for how to migrate from legacy to software-defined infrastructures.
  • How virtualizing network functions solves end-of-life challenges posed by legacy hardware.

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