March 3 – How to Modernize Case Management (Without Getting a Headache)

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From homeless services and mental healthcare to public housing and non-violent emergency response, case managers work on the frontlines of communities. They need secure, flexible, and auditable systems that can rapidly integrate with legacy databases, break down silos, and share client data between service providers (when appropriate) to make it easy to track individual client outcomes.

Join usĀ online for a quick, 45-minute chatĀ about achievable strategies for agencies looking to rapidly and cost-effectively modernize case management, while improving the quality of service.

Specifically, you’ll explore:

  • Success stories from agencies that have modernized and simplified their entire case management process.
  • How no-code software applications can easily integrate with legacy computer systems from a variety of government agencies and other service providers.
  • How to implement modern solutions for cases involving multiple service providers with distinct databases, record-keeping systems, and file formats.

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