June 21 – Data in Action: How Your Agency Can Put Information To Work

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Do you like to win an argument? Who doesn’t? Whether you are fighting over who does the dishes or figuring out how to allocate millions in grant funding, we know data is crucial in justifying your point of view. Consider the dishes argument, to back up your point of view you could say, “I’ve washed the dishes 27 times to your three,” it makes the argument way more compelling than just saying, “I do dishes allllll the time.”

Join us online Wednesday, June 21 at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT to explore how employees can harness the power of data securely and efficiently to make more effective pitches.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Key strategies for implementing better data management into your daily work.
  • Tools and technologies you can use to better harness data.
  • How employees can get training and reskilling opportunities to better understand how to use data as an asset.

You’ll hear from:

    • Marcus Thornton, Deputy Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Ian Lee, High Performance Computing Security Architect, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • Evan Albert, Director of Measurement and Data Analytics, Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Gerald Caron, Chief Information Officer, International Trade Administration – Pending approval
    • Andy MacIsaac Solutions Marketing Director for Public Sector, Alteryx
    • George Teas, VP, Solution Architecture, Public Sector, Elastic
    • Adam Cerini, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
    • Adam Clater, Chief Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat
    • Felipe Fernandez, Director, Systems Engineering, Fortinet Federal
    • Aaron Rose, Cyber Security Evangelist, Security Architect, Check Point

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