Leveraging Smart Communities Framework for Installations

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Governments of all sizes are transforming their communities into Smart Communities. These Smart Communities are healthier and safer and they create unique opportunities for their community. For example, public works departments make their street improvement plans available to utility companies, enabling them to coordinate their infrastructure improvements with the city, thus reducing the time for street closures and detours.

In order to create these Smart Communities, governments build a hub of innovation and use location data to extract insights from smart sensors and big data.

However, it’s not just cities that are going smart. Military and government installations are applying Smart Community best practices to help transform their installations into a Smart Installation.

A Smart Installation creates a sustainable environment and promotes a high quality of life by enhancing services, responsiveness, safety and security to achieve mission readiness. Installations benefit both citizens and governments by engaging mission and community partners in and out of the installation that have information or perspectives that improve sustainability and readiness.

Installations can even leverage the power of the Internet of Things to improve safety, drive energy efficiency and manage assets more effectively. However, implementing some of these innovations can be challenging. Join GovLoop and Esri on-demand as we share how you can transform your installation into a Smart Installation.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Lessons learned from implementing Smart Communities in communities of varying sizes.
  • The four steps of becoming a Smart Installation.
  • An example of an innovative Smart Installation solution that leverages IoT, Smart Lighting and a Location platform.

Sonny Beech, IoT Business Development Manager, Geographic Information Services, Inc.
Ben Conklin, Defense Industry Manager, Esri