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Do you know about software-defined networking (SDN) — and why it’s important? If not, you need to.

New technologies bring new challenges. Yet, to realize the full potential of these new technologies — most notably cloud — you need to get your network in order. Managing a complex network continues to be one of government’s biggest hurdles to cloud adoption. But that’s where software-defined networking can help. SDN can help government centralize and scale their networks — while remaining agile and open to new technologies. It allows IT professionals to de-couple networking services and virtualize functions for the systems they manage. By taking a consolidated approach through SDN technology, IT professionals can help assess, troubleshoot and configure their networks, maximizing efficiency and assuring effective use of resources.

But despite the fact that SDN adoption is expected to increase in the next few years, many network administrators still aren’t sure what SDN is — and that is why we hosted a recent online training: to help clarify what SDN is and why it matters for government.

Register for the on demand training to learn:

  • What SDN really is and why it’s important for government.
  • How SDN can help increase the flexibility and customization of your networks, while increasing efficiency and automation.
  • Specific use cases for SDN from your government peers.
  • Best practices for adopting new technologies and leveraging industry partners.
  • What the future of SDN looks like.

As agencies continue to look to the cloud, your network is more important than ever. Join us to learn how to manage it effectively.


Michael Valivullah, Chief Technology Officer, NASS/USDA

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