Smart Installations: How to Promote Readiness for the Whole Installation

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Many government organizations manage facilities, installations or campuses. Whether it is a facilities manager evaluating workspace, or an installation commander working to reduce energy consumption, transforming your installation to be smarter is crucial.

But what does a “smart” installation really mean? Using the right location platform, gov can easily map data across the enterprise systems and see how data across the systems relate spatially. Using this location-based technology promotes operational readiness, facilitates decision-making, enhances security and services, and provides the ability to respond to tenant organizations or the organization’s headquarters.

Join innovative government leaders, and geographic information system (GIS) professionals after work for a free in-person training and networking mapup to talk about how GIS technology can help make your installation smarter.

You will learn how GIS can help you:

  • Quickly see your facility or installation assets on a map
  • Use focused applications for streamlined data collection and maintenance
  • Manage resources and assets to improve efficiency with real-time reporting
  • Easily share installation maps and reports with stakeholders