Steps to Streamline Gov

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State and local governments have long endured staff shortages and shrinking budgets. That’s forced organizations to re-imagine the way they combine technology and personnel to build the most efficient processes that also meet citizen needs. Now, spurred by White House memorandum OMB 17-22, federal government is mandated to do the same.

The April 2017 memo calls on agencies to “create a lean, accountable, more efficient government” by scrutinizing processes, eliminating redundant programs and reducing the federal workforce. The directive has led many agency leaders to wonder how they’re going to achieve their missions with diminished assets.

Join us for an on-demand training to learn how feds can meet this directive and deliver on their missions by eliminating paper, automating processes, and offering self-service options.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Steps federal agencies are taking to meet the directive’s June 30th deadline.
  • How an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can streamline government processes, increase efficiencies and improve overall processes.
  • How federal employees can make the most of the systems they have by connecting IT systems across the enterprise.
  • The biggest challenges agencies face in making their workforce and processes more efficient.