The Future of Mapping: A Drone’s-Eye View

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Drones are fast changing the information landscape with the possibility of being the most highly disruptive technology since the cell phone. They are true robots, able to be tasked by their human masters for all types of applications that would otherwise be too difficult or expensive to accomplish.

But whether they are used to find crab grass on golf courses, create roof damage reports for insurance companies, or find lost campers in the woods, the one thing that binds all drone applications together is geography. Working in the spatial domain is what they do, both navigating and collecting information with photos and video; essentially capturing our world at both the macro and micro level.

Join us to discover how you can use Esri’s ArcGIS platform to make the best use of drones and the imagery they collect. ArcGIS technology combines the power of drones with the power of GIS to transform remotely sensed content into actionable information.
District Architecture Center
421 7th St NW
Washington, D.C. 20004


5:00 – 6:00: Registration & Networking Reception
Hearty appetizers and beer/wine will be served.

6:00 – 7:00: Presentations

Kurt Schwoppe, Esri Business Development Manager for Imagery
Kurt will talk about how GIS provides the ideal framework for creating actionable information products derived from unmanned aerial sources. You will hear how you can take maximum advantage of these new dynamic sources of content.

Paul Beckwith, President, Navigator CS, LLC 
Paul will share lessons learned navigating the challenges of FAA requirements, drone selection, and project flying. Learn how they have utilized “drones” to safely, efficiently, and economically obtain aerial imaging in support of engineering surveys and inspections.

An Esri staff member will demonstrate the Living Atlas of the World – a dynamic collection of thousands of maps, data, imagery, tools, and apps produced by ArcGIS users worldwide, as well as by Esri and its partners. It enables the exploration of people and places around the world, as well as the natural and human-made influences that impact them. Always changing and evolving, like our world, the Living Atlas contains information that impacts lives. Come learn how you can use and contribute to this amazing collection of maps and geographic information.

7:00 – 8:00: Hands on Tech Demos and Networking Reception
Hearty appetizers and beer/wine will be served.