The Secret to Faster App Dev and Cloud Migration – Secure, Virtual Data

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Government agencies around the world are under internal and external pressure to move faster while becoming more efficient in day-to-day operations. Despite efforts to automate processes and improve approaches to software development, many agencies have struggled to enable transformation in their core areas of operation.

At the root of this challenge is the complex and manual process of supplying and securing test data for application projects. For instance, private and public cloud migrations have become a strategic initiative for many agencies, but migrating applications containing sensitive customer data is risky and cost prohibitive. In response, government agencies globally are leveraging secure, virtual data to remove the bottleneck in application project delivery while lowering infrastructure costs and improving data security.

Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Impediments to completing application projects on time such as rising infrastructure costs, legacy processes, and barriers to data security.
  • The benefits of secure, virtual data to remove major bottlenecks in the software development lifecycle.
  • Case studies of government agencies that have used secure, virtual data to reduce their project timelines.