Going Paperless – Digitally Transform your Agency

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We’ve all had to fill out a government-created form at some point. Whether you’re applying for a driver’s license, enrolling in a government health benefit, or being on-boarded as a new employee, forms are required and often still need to be printed and signed with ink. But paper processes are inefficient and costly for the citizen completing the form, and for the agency processing it.

What if there were a better way for government to handle these interactions? The good news is many agencies are going digital and paperless in order to improve service delivery to their citizens and operational efficiency for their agency. But how do they do it? And how can your agency follow a similar path?

Join us on for an on-demand training as we share how agencies can streamline and optimize complex digital interactions and workflows across any device with personalized, secure, compliant forms and digital signatures.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Why agencies are moving to digital solutions from paper and PDF forms.
  • The challenges that are slowing down the deployment of these digital solutions.
  • A roadmap for ramping up your agency’s digital maturity for form-&-document-based interactions.