Transforming Government Operations With Open Data

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Open Data has the power to transform how governments and citizens interact with one another by providing increased transparency to citizens. But Open Data can also transform your internal processes and  help empower government employees to do their job better.

One city that successfully did this is Los Angeles. In this training, Kyle Hall, former Digital Director and Public Information Officer for Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin, will share how his team used the Socrata platform to reduce media requests for information that required a report by over 30%, created central databases of key operational information that was previously distributed across the city, integrated disparate financial systems into single datasets, and improved internal controls.

By leveraging the full capabilities of the Socrata Open Data Portal and Financial Transparency Suite, governments at all levels can integrate systems, break down silos, improve internal controls, reduce freedom of information costs, and give staff self-service data reporting tools to spend less time wrangling data, and more time dealing with mission-critical tasks.

Join this on-demand training as we share specific use cases and general principles around open data and how using the Socrata platform governments can streamline internal processes and create internal efficiencies.