Transforming Local Governments – One Government, One Response

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A smarter government is one that is able to make use of all the information available to better understand and optimize its operations and limited resources. In essence, act as a single entity across local government domains such as water, traffic, and public safety and have the ability to provide a holistic view across those domains. If such a view could be created and harnessed for the public good the possibilities can be profound!

That holistic view is not only possible but is being implemented in Southern California by The Foundation for Sustainable Communities. The Foundation is engaging thought leaders, employing an advanced cognitive solution from IBM, and sponsoring a growing regional collaborative to develop a platform for a smarter local government. The platform presents consolidated views, leveraging integrated data and domain experience to help leaders make well-informed decisions whether during normal day to day operations or in an emergency situation.

Join this event and learn more about:

  • Value proposition for standing up an operations center
  • Best practices in developing stakeholder buy-in
  • How to develop a go-to-market roadmap
  • An overview of the Southern California Operations Center’s first use case – incident management