What the DATA Act Means for the Future of Open Data

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The goal of the DATA Act, passed in May 2014, is to improve financial transparency for taxpayers and citizens and reduce budget waste. It has two main focus areas of federal government: standardize the data fields and formats around spending reports and publish that information in a machine-readable format.
Easy, right? But how does the DATA Act actually help improve citizen engagement? Why is it so important for organizations and what are the current challenges to meet this mandate?
In this on-demand training, we discuss why the DATA Act is necessary and what it will do for the future of open data and financial transparency. Specifically, you will learn:
•    What the DATA Act is and why it’s so important
•    What changes the DATA Act will make to improve data quality
•    How standardized spending reports can be put to practical use
•    How the DATA Act is shaping the future of open data


Hudson Hollister, Executive Director, Data Transparency Coalition

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